Friday, 12 August 2011

UK Dogging Exposed - Free British Car Park fun and more! dogging

Welcome to Dogging Exposed. We know all there is to know about this great British past time (mainly becasue we spend a lot of time at it!). We can't think of any better way to spend an evening than hunting around your local car parklooking for some seriously horny free dogging fun. Luckily for you, this site provides everything you need, all in one place. Would you like to see some some free dogging videos or maybe some dogging pictures from some slutty wives and girlfriends of people who use our site? Well your in luck, check the links at the top of the page to see free pictures and movies. We hope they get you in the mood to go and find some action yourself.

The site has been broken into sections, if you want to find yourself dogging contacts to arrange a meet with like minded people, click on the logo over on the left that says "Enter Here To Find Local Doggers". We have just over 1 million doggers from across the UK and beyond in our database so you are guarantee'd to find someone near you to arrange a meet with.

Down the left hand side you will see dogging locations . Click on the area nearest to you and you will find the most recent and up to date list of free dogging sites. These are submitted by our users. If you know any that aren't listed or have information you want others to know about, contact us and let us know the details. What makes this site better than all the others is due to our users submitting the best information. Car park dogging locations change all the time so it's important to keep the site up to date as best we can. We also having dogging pictures and dogging movies and dvds available for you.

So whats the deal with British Dogging? Well one thing that makes it hugely popular is that it costs nothing, unlike clubs, parties and escorts. Mainly, most uk dogging takes place in car parks, beauty spots and other secluded areas around the UK. You need to be aware that depending on what you are doing, you could be commiting a criminal offence. Make sure you have a read of our guide to the law which can be found by clicking here or on the top menu.

Make sure you take care while out enjoying your car park fun as there are some out there that like to ruin it for everyone. Keep an eye on our reports for any information relevant to your area.

If you have any further suggestions on how to make this site the best dogging resource on the Web, please get in touch and let us have your ideas

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